Monday, February 18, 2008

Back from "FLORIDA!"...

Mor Mor and her grandaughter and the infamous azaleas!!
***the ride that made me "owe my dad". I said "I can't go on that, it will make me sick!" Guess it made Audra and Grandpa sick too:)

**Audra facinated with the waterski show at Cypress Gardens. Thus her sherbert melting!

**Grandpa giving Audra some pointers on her long stroke!

Audra and I just spent four days in the land of palm trees and pink buildings. It was a cherished time with my mom and dad sorting through more of my grandmother's things & spending quality time with my parents. It's hard to beat a few quiet days with the folks! Audra had a great time swimming with grandpa, rides at Cypress Gardens and just being an only child. I felt like sleeping until 8am (so really 7am Texas time!!) was a sweet luxury only surpassed by not having to make meals for 4 hungry mouths!! thanks Mom and Dad!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amy! We had a great time with you also. Fun to have one child at a time. The boys want Grampa's undivided attention so it was nice for Audra and he to have some special swimming time. Come again.
Love. Mum