Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sister Jill!

We just had a wonderful time with my sister Jill and Tanyi who came for several days of their Spring Break....
(don't be distracted by the wallpaper!) this picture was a mini celebration of Audra's upcoming b-day.
We packed their time with Kemah (boardwalk that's just reopened since Hurricane Ike), NASA and they even went to Galveston.
Our neighbor happened to be coming back from 13 days in space the very day we were at NASA so we got to see lots of footage of John Phillips and see him land at Kennedy Space Center and Sunday the kids went up to welcome he and the entire crew back from space. Now that's some interesting neighbors.
**today I talked to him over our back fence and said "how was your trip"? He's logged over 200 days in space!

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