Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

WE had good friends over for backyard fun on this HOT Memorial Day here in Houston....

Popsicles and some "make believe" with the other kids. I came out to the play room and said "what are you all playing?" Olivia and Audra answer... "SNOW WHITE". "Audra is the stepmother, I'm Snow White (says Olivia), Dylan is Prince Charming..." I look over and see Anders sitting in a dump truck eating his popsicle and I say... "who's Anders" they all three answer in unison.... "HE's a dwarf!!"
Sprinklers and a makeshift slip and slide with the real slide and some water! (that's Olivia at the top of the slide)
Rousing game of kickball! Although it was kickball, Anders has his bat just in case it turns into a quick game of b-ball

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