Monday, April 5, 2010

And a Carnival Party it was!

Playing the infamous RED ROVER! Audra wanted so badly to play this age old favorite (Lee hollored out....I haven't seen Red Rover since '75) But she wanted to play this game from the past and the first child called across the line was the three year old Dylan who ran full speed to the tallest arms he could find and was quickly clotheslined, flung to his back and left the field crying!!
Audra planned this party since last October when we decided against it for Anders party. She has been saving candy from piano for 6 months to help with the "candy for the party". Talk about some self discipline. Be glad you didn't win the smart tarts from 6 months ago! She went to her brothers' opening day baseball parade to collect candy being flung by the save for this party. When the day approached.....the only day forcast rain..... SATURDAY!! Oh she cried! As you can see.....the sun came out, the kids played hard, the sweat ran down our cheeks and we had a hot, fun, kid party. Anders said the next day..."is Audra still 8?" YES!! AFter all that...she's still 8! Her birthday is next weekend!:)

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