Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bryan..."the farm", sweaty, dirty and having a blast. We spent Memorial Day weekend with Lee's family in Bryan. The kids absolutely love spending time on the "farm" and sleeping in the cabin up in the loft. It's only two hours away and every time I think "why don't we go here more?". Summer is officially here and we are ready with sunscreen and mosquito spray in hand!

100 degrees and humid. Summer.....welcome back!
Katherine loves to play with the boys.....they returned from this "expedition" in which I overheard them stating they were "hunting for food" full of bloody scrapes that they couldn't have been more proud of. Comparing the length of scrapes and redness of the blood.
Gunnar's first real experience with fishing and he caught some bottom dwelling catfish! He loved it!

Audra has always been the one in our family tender towards animals. A day doesn't pass without her asking "now when are we getting a dog again?" The answer is usually something like "when mommy gets some sleep and she has a change of heart!!!"

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