Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Anders Kristofor Carlson

This child....this ultimate risk taker, scooter trickster, animated, sometimes highly emotional, deep thinker is now 5!! At his request we are going bowling Saturday night with the Whitlocks to celebrate!! Today is cupcakes and grilled cheese.
When I asked him today...."would you like your gifts today? or at your party Saturday night?" He quickly responded..... "OH I can wait, I don't need them. I can open them SAturday". Seriously?? discipline?

AND AND....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRIS!!! Chris had his birthday a week ago!! WE love you both October boys !!
(And Granddad and UNCLE CHAD!!!!!!!!!!)


Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Anders!!!!!!!

Christopher & Suzanne said...

How I miss sweet Anders!!! A-man: Thanks for your letter! I still have it on my chalk board to read each and every day! Love & Prayers to you, Aunt Zanne