Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drought......AND Mosquitoes!!

It really seems like a sick joke? We are in the worst drought exaggeration. Estimated 66 million trees will die...just in Houston. People's foundations are cracking.....crops gone, lakes dried up! We've seen the carnage already. Two weeks ago we had an entire day of rain. It felt like we could all breath for one day. Not enough to rescue anything but enough to say.....we've seen rain!! That one day of rain hatched the "flood water mosquitoes" that have been lying doormat in coastal dry tidal areas. They said it was just the right combination of the way the tide came in and the rains came that hatched the worst epidemic of mosquitoes here EVER!! One mosquito catch that normally catches about 200 mosquitoes/day...this week caught 15,000 mosquitoes in ONE DAY!!!!!!! It feels like a cruel cruel joke to have DROUGHT and MOSQUITOES!!!!!!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!

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