Friday, March 14, 2008

Longing for a "roll in the snow"!

You may actually not be wondering....I don't think I have faithful "blog fans" like my brother D, but we have been UNDER CONTRUCTION!!!! Yes....our entire house from the inside paint, new carpet, packed up boxes......and Lord Willin', a new address in May. We are moving (really just...up the street) but in the meanwhile we are putting our little piece of Real Estate on the market.
It has been a long list of Twilight Zone experiences....
Carpet measures being taken, retaken, lost, miscalculated, paint smells for 4 days, kids w/ asthma attacks from paint smells, wrong color carpet, not enough carpet, where's the "rest of our carpet?", throwing aways, no phones, and then to top it off our Life Insurance man called today to say my urine tested positive for Nicotine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A stiff drink maybe but I promise, not a lick a cigarette !!!! I being set up for a reality show cause I'm feeling a bit goofy now. If you haven't read my brother's most recent blog about my precious nephew's nightmare's of salmon attack? It's a must read! That pretty much sums up my week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really need that vacation - hope you have a great time. Luv ya, g

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