Friday, May 2, 2008

Irish Dancers?

Did you wonder where the Famous Irish Dancers have gone? Right here in Clear Lake! Audra had to wear her "costume" for pictures last night and I thought she was cute as a little lepricon! This is sans her hair ribbon and gold bows on her tap shoes. I confess....I am not a "dance mom". This being Audra's first time I walked in with the wrong colored tights (suntan! Don't they look suntan to you?), didn't know what the extra green piece of fabric was for (hair tie!) and no make-up! What my 7 year old needs make up for her picture. True to our form we were just a little off, but authentically us!


Brandon & Jenny Deitz said...

OH MY HEAVENS - How adorable is that little princess?!?! We better be in the know on any recitals!!

Anonymous said...

WE looks like Juliet. how sweet.
Aunti Jann