Saturday, August 2, 2008

Curious George

Some of you may NOT have heard any good Anders stories lately? Sometimes parents feel the need to just share how good their children are, while some of us need to share how CURIOUS (aka..naughty?) they are. Anders has truly had a "good streak". He loved MN and played relentlessly outside. I realize with his personality he MUST have some outside time every single day. Yesterday was the exception. We spent most of our time inside....I need to continue to unpack (you think? It's only been two months!) In the morning his curious hands were helping me in the small garage attached to our house. I was going through boxes and he decide to take the broken coffee pot inside and pour handsoap in it, most of it got on the bathroom floor, ugh...
Clean up job #1. Later while I was still working in that garage I went in shortly to get something and came back out to find with his huge smile "I cleaning mom!" He had dumped an entire bottle of floor cleaner onto the cement slab (thankfully not carpet!!!!!) UGH I shouted! I banished him upstairs to play with his brother (or what I thought would be him playing with Gunnar) so I could do 10 minutes more by myself in that garage. Not many minutes later I asked Audra to "check on Anders" and she came screaming down the stairs...aaaaaaaahhhhh HE' is playing with water!!! I run (pregnant run) upstairs to find the boys bathroom ENTIRELY flooded!!! Yes.....sinks full, counter overflowing, cabinets full and an inch of water on the floor. While the water was running he found a paintbrush and used it to paint the doors with toothpaste.

**The really funny part is this precious blond haired boy who makes my life a LOT of work asks me every night to sing Amazing Grace (three verses) to him while he falls asleep. So NO matter what he's done during the day I have to sing that I am the wretch who has been saved!!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, I keep checking to see if anyone has left you a comment on Anders' latest adventures but it seems that he has left everyone speechless. I'll just say "my thoughts and prayers are with you." Love you much, Gail