Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enough is Enough....

When the possum was seen staring back at us through our backdoor one evening...I CRIED...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We must catch our zoo pals in the backyard. My father who had just flown back from MN went on an "Adventure" to find a live-catch critter cage with Anders..returned (with a story of course!) and we were ready to catch.
Day One: No catch....could we be wrong? Could it be life size roaches eating through our garbage at night instead of rodents?
Day Two: HOorayy...we caught our possum. Hhhmmmm with closer examination, he was much smaller than the life size creature that had peered back at me and my mother through our back door? No no...we had caught him. Triumphant he was released into the wild by Uncle Lee.
Day Three: Let's bait just in case... ANOTHER POSSUM!!! THis time a much bigger version. WE forgot about him (I know we're a little busy) and after two days Uncle Lee came back to rescue this homely creature and release him into the wild!
Day Four: ANOTHER possum. I am a little out of my skin. For real? We've been living with a possum family under our feet?? Daddy takes him to the woods and releases him AND comes home with some firewood (nice)
Day Five: now this is it right? AT my 3am feeding I wake Chris up. "We caught something else!! and it's not too happy!!!" Chris says half asleep....I think it's a dog?? No's a racoon!! and he shook that cage ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!
Later that day I saw two women dressed in what looks like zoo or maybe mall security garb with huge cloth gloves in our backyard (I had called animal control) and I said to Anders...."Animal Control is here!" and he responded with excitement..."WHO? Uncle LEE???"

Ah yes....we may live in the city but you can't take critters out of their homeland!

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Anonymous said...

Go for it! Tame the whole neighborhood. Is not suburban living great! Uncle Dave