Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Backyard afternoons...

Audra waiting her turn to blast the ball into the neighbors yard...
Anders hasn't quite figured out the rules (or chooses to ignore them) and hits and and runs all around the yard until he finds home plate, mindless of the fact he's been hit by the ball squealing the whole time!
Anders "best friend" Emily
Many an afternoon we'll end up with one of the Skeeter girls if not all either at our house or their's after school and one of their favorite things to do is kickball. Last week on a beautiful afternoon we played kick ball with the three Skeeter girls Kate, Francie and Emily (all our kids ages) and enjoyed our new (daddy made) swing set!! IT was a moment when you breath deep and appreciate the simply things in childhood... like your mother throwing you a ball so you can run as fast as you can!

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