Monday, March 2, 2009


After living in Texas for almost 12 years I am starting to realize that my kids (although Scandinavian through and through are also.....native Texans!) Every February a huge trail ride crosses Texas. Cowboys and Cowgirls riding horses, covered wagons with families, sleeping under the stars and on the last Friday in February they ride into Houston to mark the beginning of the biggest rodeo in the world!!! Friday night and Saturday they have an official chili and BBQ cookoff (this year feeding over 200,000!!) THe rodeo will last three weeks with each night's activities ending in a Star performing. And on that Friday school kids, employees, everyone is encouraged to dress Texan!!! Here is Audra and Gunnar's attempt at "Go Texan Day" 2009
**Boots courtesy of "Franks" in Windom!!

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Anonymous said...

How cute!!!! Red boots I love them!!!
Auntie J