Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pickle's Party

Audra has always been our "paint" lover. She adores crafts, painting, coloring (unlike her mother). This year she had a few of her precious friends and cousins with her to the Painted Potter. Introducing some of her "circle". Far left is Alyssa (her kindergarten classmate), Olivia (her 3 year old "cousin" whom she adores), Her cousins, next to her Katherine (her friend from birth!!) and Lucy her cousin that is as cute and silly as the day is long! Of course she missed her other girl cousins...Tyra, Greta and Ilsa! (Joey, Tanyi & would have had to hang out with Gunnar and Anders)
Happy Birthday to our 6 year old. May you paint many Monets in your lifetime! Dream big baby girl.


Montana said...

Hi Carlsons, I just learned from MorMor that you have a blogspot too. It it now on my list of favorites and I will check it faithfully. It is good to see photos of you all. Wish I could see you in person - one of these days maybe. Love ya, "Auntie" Gail

Anonymous said...
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