Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day One: Wed Sept 10th...Evacuation

Words like "cone of uncertainty", "storm surge" and websites like have become new and frequently used in our home. The kids came home with a note in their bags Wed. afternoon saying....No school Friday in order to prepare. The kids were excited and buzzing. Later that evening we took the kids for a walk and our neighbor told us they had just announced no school the rest of the week. We knew by then it didn't look good. Lee and Colette (Chris' sister) called and said they were leaving for Bryan where Lee's parents live in just a few hours to avoid what many of you saw on tv during hurricane Rita.....a long long drive out of town. I was quickly throwing clothese in a bag, throwing lawn furniture into the garage, medicines? books? a few and anything that would help my kids sleep (blankies I mean, not drugs!!)

Here we are leaving by donkey!! Actually we left by 9:30 and arrived by midnight!! The kids were confused but together. Chris stayed behind.

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